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10 months ago

Which interview questions have you gotten again and again?

Let's crowd-source this. If certain questions come up again and again, we should all be prepared for them.

1 year ago

Read a great book: Expontential Organizations

This post has been removed.

11 months ago

Career comebacks

I've taken several years away from what was a 15-year career to take care of family. In the interim, I've worked a few contract and hourly gigs -- not exactly in my wheelhouse. I'm now ready to get back to my career in higher education admin. Where do I event start to get back in?

1 year ago

I dig this blog.

Finding a Career When You’re Feeling 50 | Career Resource Institute

This article was hard to write because, well, I’m feeling 50 and unlike Norma Desmond, I’m not wearing sunglasses. Nor am I suffering from delusions of grandeur

11 months ago

Changing Careers

What is the best way to change careers without sacrificing salary?

1 year ago

"SEO Like I'm 5" by Matthew Capala

What are the best pearls of wisdom you gleaned from this book?

11 months ago

Resume Help

Should I use color and graphics in my resume or black and white and stick to text only?

11 months ago


How do I write a resume?

1 year ago

"Content Inc." by Joe Pulizzi

Biggest Takeaways? And anything you disagree with?