May 11, 2017

19 Career Experts Share Their Best LinkedIn Tips – Part 3

LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 467 million members in over 200 countries and territories. This makes LinkedIn a huge platform for networking with peers in your industry and getting to know the best in the industry.

The HR of most organizations keep their eyes open for a good, potential candidate on LinkedIn. That is why there is an increasing trend of people being identified, interviewed and recruited via LinkedIn. This makes LinkedIn important for your career prospects.

To help you create the best LinkedIn profile, to get your dream job, we interviewed top career coaches and communication experts. We asked them one important question:

What is your best tip for using LinkedIn to get a better job?

This is the third part of a six-part series. Click here to read part 1 and part 2.

Mike McRitchie

Mike McRitchie

Mike is a Career and Small Business Strategist. With over 20 years’ experience managing wireless telecom build-outs for all major U. S. carriers Mike takes these skills, industry connections, and passion and leverages them into helping wireless professionals create kick-butt resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and career plans.

Too often people massively underutilize the power of LinkedIn. It turns into connection collection source but nothing more. And then they sit back and expect recruiters and hiring managers to beat down their door to hire them through their awesome LinkedIn profile.

As we live in a sound-bite social media, driven world, the personal connection or relationship building element of networking often get lost in the process.

But developing that connection with a hiring manager or someone already in the position is extremely important in a successful job search. And it is something so few people follow through on. They want the easy way out and want to just send out a bunch of resumes and wait to get the call.

The shotgun approach rarely works. So what should you do instead?

Develop a personal connection with hiring managers and others who are in the position you want next. Click To Tweet

LinkedIn provides the search tools to connect with those in the role you want (search your existing connections or for company names that have the positions you’d like to get in a place you’d like to work). But don’t stop at a LinkedIn Connection request. Once connected be sure to develop more of a relationship.

Whether that is forwarding helpful items or interesting news stories that would help them out, or meeting them for coffee or lunch to get to know them and learn about where you might look for upcoming opportunities, taking the extra step to do something most won’t will leverage the power of LinkedIn and develop the relationships that will put you on the short list when an opportunity appears, or a referral opportunity comes up.

Melanie Lundberg Combined Insurance

Melanie Lundberg

Melanie is the Assistant Vice President of Talent Management and Corporate Communications for Combined Insurance. She has more than 20 years of talent management and communications consulting and leadership experience.

As a talent acquisition leader, my general tips for creating a ‘compelling’ LinkedIn profile that is noticed by recruiters are as follows:
* Use a professional photo. No party or selfie shots. It is the first thing on your profile a recruiter looks at.

* Use the Summary Section to speak about your unique skill sets, values, competencies, and offer a summary of your experience.

Ensure your titles and company experience are up-to-date and aligned with what appears on your resume.Click To Tweet

* Listing your education experience, community involvement and professional recognition/awards can help you stand out from the crowd.

* Have a network of LinkedIn contacts – it shows you are well-connected and astute at the importance of networking.

* Maintain an active profile – read news feeds, share content, comment – it shows a level of professional engagement.

* Proofread! Careless grammatical or spelling errors are not acceptable.

Overall, your LinkedIn profile matters in the world of business today. It is the #1 site people go to in order to see your professional online image and for recruiters to source talent. It can be a huge asset when it comes to seeking a new role, so it is important to take time and thought to craft a winning one.

Josh Nathan Josh’s LinkedIn profile

Josh Nathan

Josh works as a Lecturer at the Department of Communication University of Colorado Denver. He also is a copy editor, social media director and a creative writer.

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You pose a pertinent query with research indicating that the majority of Americans search for professional resources, including employees, more frequently through LinkedIn than any other single venue. In fact, I know a recruiter for Kronos in Boston who won’t even look at a resume or CV unless it’s on LinkedIn with others reaching her for job postings that immediately reach the trash bin.

Formerly the Marketing Manager and Social Media Coordinator for CareerSearchTest (CST), which is currently reorganizing based, to a large degree, on my recommendations, there are basic features recruiters look for in LinkedIn profiles that are easy to include, but just as easy to miss.

Most importantly, LinkedIn is not your more business-oriented Facebook. It’s not like Facebook at all, which is one of the most common misconceptions. Photos should be of professional quality, headlines should use job keywords for your industry, and summaries should be specific as to what you offer that no one else does tell in a mix of first person sentences and bullet points. Combined, these elements should grab attention quickly.

You only have an estimated 7.25 seconds to make that impression.

Whether you include links or portfolio samples in your summary or tied to a specific employer, use LinkedIn to its fullest potential by developing a multimedia portfolio of your best work for recruiters and other practitioners. This ability highlights the advantage of LinkedIn. Organizations and people or companies you follow say just as much about you as your basic profile.


Thank you so much to all the experts that shared their opinions with our readers! If you found our interview useful, please share it with all your friends and followers. Some of them may be searching for a job right now, and knowing how to improve their LinkedIn profile can do a huge difference in their life.

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