Nov 19, 2017

12 Career Experts Teach You How To Get A New Job – Part 3

During your career, you will meet some opportunities that you can’t miss. Even if you love your current job, your professional growth should come first.

It could be one of those times where you have a golden opportunity, like getting the invitation to an event where you will get to mingle with some people who hold high positions in a lot of companies.

If you manage to impress them, it could mean a huge leap for your career as it could mean a potential job opportunity or, at the very least, a very valuable connection to an influencer in your industry.

It could also be something simple like a position that grants you a lot of possibilities including new experiences. Getting chances like these are rare and may not happen again. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as handing over your resignation letter and moving to a new office. There’s still an interview process involved where you have to impress the ones sitting in front of you.

Managing that while you’re employed is also a hurdle and not an easy one.

That is why we reached out to three career experts and asked them:

“What’s your best advice for searching for a new job while you’re still present at your current employer?”

This is the fourth and last post of this interview series. You can see our previous post about job searching here.

Richard Lowe Jr – The Writing King

Richard Lowe

Richard Lowe Jr left his 20-year long career as a leader and manager at Trader Joe’s Company to pursue his dream of becoming a professional author and writer. Since that time, he has ghostwritten 12 books and authored 58 more under his own name and publishing company.

When you are looking for a job, it’s vital to ensure that you present yourself online professionally, and the best place to do this is LinkedIn. You might even hire a professional LinkedIn branding expert to help.

Don’t give the impression that you are a job seeker. Instead, write the profile to showcase what you contribute to your job – what you bring to the table.

Write about what you've accomplished and how that benefited your employer.Click To Tweet

Show your passion for your profession.

Also, get a professional headshot taken and use that photo on your profile. Don’t use selfies or cropped your image from an amateur picture.

Jamie Finnegan – Finder

Jamie Finnegan

Jamie Finnegan is the Head of Talent at personal finance comparison website

My best advice is to be open about it.

The reason people start looking for a new job is that they’re unhappy with their current one.Click To Tweet Have a chat with your direct manager and vocalize your frustrations. There could be a way to remedy your unhappiness, which ends up being more effective than beginning a new job search. Plus, your colleagues will appreciate the fact you’ve been so candid with them.

But if you all come to a group consensus that to achieve your career aspirations, you should move on, at least all parties know they’ve covered all possibilities. To reference Reid Hoffman’s book ‘The Alliance’, the employee and employer often don’t have the same agenda, and that’s acceptable. If the employee’s expectations aren’t aligned with the business’, then it’s best to part ways.

Having had this discussion means both parties know where they stand: you’re looking for a new role and the employer will be looking to replace your role. The openness of this means no burned bridges and you’ll be much more likely to secure a glowing reference!

When you start your job search – and try to keep this outside of your office hours – don’t go blindly into applying for any job. Your previous role wasn’t a great fit, so you should have a better idea of what you want. I would suggest compiling two lists, one with three or four of your true strengths, and another with what you need from your next role. This could be the company values or the particulars of the role. Once these lists are done, you’ll have a much easier time searching for a job.

Summer Shadforth – Fantastic Cleaners

Summer is working as a Recruitment Specialist at the HR Department of Fantastic Cleaners Australia.

As a Recruitment Specialist, the best advice that I can give about searching for a new job while you’re still present at your current employer is being really passionate about your new job.

Firstly, it is important to be mentioned that if you already have a job this means that you have a secure income and you don’t have to worry about it. This is usually interpreted by your new employers as there should be another reason for you to dislike your current job. Of course, they will be eager to know it.

The most important thing here is not to share it. No matter if you have some personal issues with the job, you dislike or colleagues, or you think our boss underestimates you, you should not mention that to your new employers. They will consider your behavior inappropriate and suggest that if they hire you, you will be talking the same way about them in a while. The only case, in which you can share your reason for searching a new job to the interviewer must be if this reason is actually a passion for the job you are applying for.

Secondly, you should have in mind that if you are not passionate about the new job that you are applying for you probably won’t do well at it and at the interview. People tend to neglect things that they are not interested in or passionate about. If you’re not really into the job you’re trying to get, this means that even if you get it you will probably want to change it soon. The are two possible case scenarios. Either, the interviewers will sense that and you will not be approved for the job, or you will get it, but won’t do well at it and eventually, you will quit or get fired.

Finally, being passionate about a job will always be an advantage when seeking one.09

In case you have a secure income at the moment, do not rush and take the first job offer that you get.Click To Tweet

If your survival is not on the line, you can take your time and measure your options. Eventually, choose the job that you are most passionate about and apply only for it. Be patient, and if you don’t succeed in getting it don’t choose something else just because of one rejection. Wait for another similar position to get available. After all, if you are passionate about your job, you will not have to work a single day in your life.

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