Apr 13, 2017

6 Quality Personal Branding Strategies From Top Entrepreneurs – Part 1

We received wonderful feedback regarding our recent posts containing personal branding tips. Some of our readers brought to our attention that not everybody is interested in pursuing a career as an employee. Some of you have or want to start their own business. Keeping this in mind, we decided on our next expert roundup.

As a business owner or a freelancer, you need a personal brand to represent you in front of your audience and potential customers. That is why we decided to continue this mini-series of posts and interview 3 business coaches. We asked them one key question:

What Is Your Best Personal Branding Strategy?

Zac Johnson ZacJohnson.com 

Zac Johnson

~ A self-taught entrepreneur, Zac’s been making money online for almost 20 years and has been involved in nearly every facet of internet marketing while also finding great success in the world of blogging. In 2007 Zac launched his first blog at ZacJohnson.com, which is focused on his successes and failures, case studies, industry news and guides on how to make money online. In addition to his own personal experiences, Zac also writes about the latest online marketing trends

My best personal branding strategy can be broken down into three simple tips/methods.

1 – Create an Identity/Logo

This is one of the most important things you can do when first starting out, as you will want to have a way to stand out from the crowd. This is exactly what I did when I started my blog at ZacJohnson.com back in 2007.

Instead of just starting a site and having a boring text title or logo design, I went ahead and had a custom mascot caricature design made of myself. This instantly made me stand out from the crowd and also allowed me to continually build a brand and following that people were familiar with.

2 – Be the Authority in Your Niche

Another extremely important thing to focus on, is being the authority (best) within your niche. With over a billion active sites on the internet, there is no way for you to compete if you are going after a generic audience.

You need to niche down as much as possible and build your brand for that select audience.Click To Tweet

You can see a perfect example of how to do this with “basketball” and “jump training” in my

You need to niche down as much as possible and build your brand for that select audience. You can see a perfect example of how to do this with “basketball” and “jump training” in my make money blogging guide.

3 – Associate Yourself with Other Experts

Another great way to build your brand is to simply associate yourself with other experts already in your space. This can be accomplished through interviews, roundup posts (like this one) or even starting a podcast to interview experts from around the world and provide it to your audience in audio format. You can see an example of this in my weekly

You can see an example of this in my weekly blogger interview series, where I ask bloggers from around the world different questions and post the responses to the blog weekly. This in turn not only provides valuable content for my audience but also gets shared by each of the people I interview as well. No matter what methods you use, the more you associate yourself with brand experts, it will only come back and help your brand even more.

No matter what methods you use, the more you associate yourself with brand experts, it will only come back and help your brand even more.

Jane Tabachnick JaneTabachnick.com

Jane Tabachnick

~ Jane helps entrepreneurs create authority positioning, build buzz, and become published authors in 45-70 days. She then shows you how to leverage your book to scale your business rapidly, positioning you as an Authority and the Go-To Expert in your niche.

Personal branding is described as a continual process of creating and maintaining an image and perception about you, your company and products, in the mind of others.

To develop a strong personal brand, start by knowing your “why.”

To develop a strong personal brand, start by knowing your 'why.' Click To TweetWhat are you passionate about and who you can help with your passion, skills, and experience. You need to be able to state that passion in a way that resonates with your potential customers and draws them to you.

A personal brand, like a corporate brand, is a promise of what you stand for. To create a strong personal brand, you need to use consistent language, profiles, and brand logos or colors across all platforms while making adaptations for the culture or flavor of each unique platform.

While Facebook posts are different than tweets, you can adjust your brand to fit the medium, while maintaining who you are and the color or graphic style you use. People often confuse brand to mean your logo. A logo is a part of your brand, but only one part of it.

For example, a brand that makes organic products would speak about their commitment to whole, natural, nourishing products from mother earth. Their marketing materials and packages would be on recycled, or organic stock, and they would support causes related to health, nutrition and protecting the environment.

If they ran ads featuring high fashion models in fancy sports cars on wall street, it would not be in alignment with their brand and probably confuse their audience, unless there was an amazing tie in or message related to how that tied in with organic products.

To create a successful personal brand, be clear about what you stand for and demonstrate this regularly – on your website, on social media, in email marketing…this will attract very loyal, engaged customers.

Elizabeth Bradley Elizabeth K Bradley 

Elizabeth Bradley

~ Elizabeth, a writer & social media strategist that helps Life & Health Coaches thrive online. From helping you become a prolific blogger that crafts epic blog posts your Ideal Clients LOVE to getting traffic from Pinterest and networking in Facebook groups. Her work has been featured on sites like Tiny Buddha, Olyvia, The Branded Solopreneur, and Cameron Diaz’ blog.

I think having an efficient personal branding strategy is extremely important for ALL businesses nowadays. The most important step is to have ample photos of yourself on your website and social media. These should include a range of professional photos as well as informal, Instagram-style pics that give your Ideal Clients a glimpse into your daily life.

It’s equally important to talk about yourself and tell your story in your business’ about page and copywriting. Your story is unique and therefore no one can really ever copy you, which is why building a personal brand is so important in today’s world: it differentiates you in your industry.

I talk about being a grown up Third Culture Kid and my life in Thailand, as well as how our family ended up living in Asia. Talk about your passions and struggles in addition to sharing your expertise.

I talk about being a grown up Third Culture Kid and my life in Thailand, as well as how our family ended up living in Asia. Talk about your passions and struggles in addition to sharing your expertise.

Another way to build your personal brand online is to have perhaps office hours on your Fan page or Facebook group, or in some way encourage your readers/clients to get ahold of you in a personal way. This could mean doing Discovery Sessions with a client so they can get to know you before hiring you. It could also mean offering eCoaching or consulting via email.

Lots of businesses ( particularly personal brands) use Twitter in a very engaging way and encourage followers and fans to direct message them on there, if they have any questions or just want to connect.

One of my favorite suggestions that I give to my clients ( Life & Health Coaches and yoga teachers) is to include in your content and copy your quirks and what makes you you.

I like to tell my readers that I’m a gamer and collect horror movies, which usually makes them think I’m a big geek ( which is true), and it also shows I’m a real person with various interests outside of my industry. I also talk about my family and how they are my ‘why’ behind everything that I do.

For corporate individuals looking to grow their personal brand but also want to make sure they’re not oversharing, or for any person in a somewhat conservative niche, make a list of your interests and those of your clients/customers and see where there is an overlap.

For example, if you’re a realtor that likes to collect sports paraphernalia and you mainly sell houses to men, sharing your hobby could be a great way to connect with a potential client.

Creating a personal brand is all about telling your story and connecting with your audience/clients. Click To TweetEven if they don’t share the same interests or passions that you do, by talking about what you love and what makes you unique, it will help them connect with you.

Thank you so much to the experts that contributed to this post! Having a powerful brand is the key to getting your business in front of more potential clients and making them trust your expertise.

You can leverage your personal brand to increase your business. People don’t buy from faceless businesses. People buy from People. That is why Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were always the faces of their companies.

In the same way, I hope you have found these strategies to polish your personal brand useful and that you will work on improving your personal brand to get financial and professional success.

Please share this post with all your friends and followers. Comment below if you have any questions. We are eager to hear your feedback.


Minuca Elena


Minuca is a freelance writer specialized in creating expert roundups. Her posts provide quality content, bring huge traffic and get backlinks. She also helps bloggers connect with influencers. You can contact her at her blog, MinucaElena.com.


Excellent post Minuca. really learnt a lot 🙂

Hi Russell,

Thanks! I’m glad that you like my post.

Minuca E. Post author

Thanks so much for interviewing me on this topic Minuca! Personal branding is one of my fav topics and I think no matter how big or small a biz is, they can always work on refining and communicating their personal brand.

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for replying to my interview! I so appreciate you are always so helpful.

Happy Easter!

Minuca E. Post author

Excellent advice Minuca.

Neat note; not only are Zac and Elizabeth my friends….I met both in person 😉 Elizabeth a few weeks ago here in Thailand, Zac in our native state of New Jersey. Way cool to hear their advice. Both stand out because they gave attention and energy to branding.

I intend to do the same as I build my blog around my brand. Resonate with Zac’s advice to stand out. I go with the BFP logo and my smiling, black and white image grille to draw folks in and to simply be me, because when we are being ourselves our brand grows like wild fire.


I have been blogging for years and feel like I have a personal brand, but need to focus on item #3 to grow my audience. My blog has always just been something I do, but it is time to start reaching more people and it would be nice to create some passive income.

    Hi Linda,

    Personally, I don’t believe in the idea of passive income. You can work money through blogging and monetize your site, but you still need to put in the effort. The advantage for you is that you already have an audience so you are not starting away from scratch. As a life coach, you must have a strong personal brand that inspires confidence to your clients.

    We are going to start a new blog series with LinkedIn tips on Thursday. Be sure to check it out. LinkedIn is a powerful resource that allows you to connect with other entrepreneurs and we are bringing the best experts to share their insights here at Career Resource Institute.


    Minuca E. Post author

Hi Ryan,

I would like to meet you and Zac and Elizabeth one day. Hopefully, your travels will bring you in Europe too (Romania is a great country to visit, especially in the summer 😉 ).

You are doing a terrific job with your blog. Your guest posts are spreading your brand all over the blogging niche. I see you everywhere all the time.

By the way, have you checked our previous posts about personal branding? Here, at Career Resource Institute we are set to bring the best experts that will share insights on a variety of topics that will help people reach professional success.

Thanks for checking my post!

Minuca E. Post author

I know we will meet up one day Minuca! Romania is def on my must-see list. Looks like a gorgeous country! It was very cool to meet up with Ryan and I hope we get to see the Biddulphs again before they leave Thailand.

Hi Elizabeth,

You are going to love Romania. It’s a country with beautiful landscapes and very affordable. By the way, you can visit some great castles including Vlad the Impaler’s Bran Castle aka Dracula. Just let me know when you plan to come here. ;*

Minuca E. Post author

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