May 04, 2017

19 Career Experts Share Their Best LinkedIn Tips – Part 2

Did you know that LinkedIn users with at least 5 skills get 17 times more views than others? Did you know LinkedIn profiles with photos have 21 times more profile views? Also, did you know that LinkedIn profiles with photos have 36 times more messages?

If you have an active and well-crafted profile on LinkedIn, it can do wonders to your career. However, understanding what to include and what not to is difficult. To help you come up with a professional LinkedIn profile we reached out to four top career experts. We asked them one crucial question:

What Is Your Best Tip For Using LinkedIn To Get A Better Bob?

This is the second part of a six-part series where the best experts in career guidance have given their tips. You can find the first part here.


Jennifer Yeko – Ninja Recruiting

Jennifer Yeko

Jennifer is the founder Ninja Recruiting. She is an experienced recruiter with a 15+ years sales, marketing, business development, management and PR background with entertainment and technology.  

Connect with people at the company you want to work for. Ask them if they can forward your resume for a position if you’re truly a fit for what the company is looking for. This is easy to tell by focusing on the QUALIFICATIONS section of the job post.

You can also ask for an in-person meeting which is probably the most effective. Most people are happy to have an excuse to take 10-15 minutes out of their day to help someone.

Describe yourself in terms of next work as well as your current j-o-b. Merely offering a static description of the work that you’re currently doing successfully may only get you another version of current work, not a better job.

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Tell them about the aspirational you that has demonstrated capability beyond what you’re doing currently.

Valerie Streif – Thementat

Valerie Streif

Valerie Streif is a Senior Advisor with, a San Francisco-based career organization with decades of experience hiring, managing and mentoring hundreds of prospective job candidates.

My best tip for people who are using LinkedIn in order to find a better job encompasses a lot of the LinkedIn tips found on career blogs -Take the time to complete it and make it great!

So many people rush through the annoying slew of questions and skip over ones that they don’t think are relevant, or they upload the only suitable picture that they have for the profile, and don’t fill out all parts of their profile. This is a mistake. Studies show that recruiters prefer candidates with fully completed profiles.

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Fill out the Certifications & Awards sections. Spend time thoughtfully entering in your relevant work history. Don’t be afraid to add little extras like your volunteering or other things you enjoy.

The more filled out your profile is, the more “real” you seem to recruiters who are flipping through countless profiles on a screen. You want to stand out and for them to feel like they know you beyond just your work history after they close out of your profile.

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez – Great Resumes Fast

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez

Jessica is President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast and a former human resources manager and recruiter. Leveraging more than ten years’ experience directing hiring practices for Fortune 500 companies, Jessica has developed proprietary, innovative, and success-proven resume development and personal branding strategies that generate powerful results for the clients of Great Resumes Fast.

The best tip I offer my clients when it comes to using LinkedIn to get a better job is to turn on the new Open Candidate feature. It allows recruiters to be confidentially notified that you’re open to opportunities without alerting your boss or current network connections.

I advise my clients that their LinkedIn profiles should not be replicas of their resumes.Click To Tweet

Hands down recruiters and employers are going to your LinkedIn profile to find out more about you. They’re not going there to see what they’ve already read on your resume. Your profile is the perfect opportunity for what we call brand storytelling.

It’s the perfect place to share with your network why you love what you do, how you came to do it, and what makes you so unique. People love a great story so use your profile as the opportunity to share your career story. It’s the best way to grab the employer’s attention, make a connection with your target audience and pursue your calling.

Brad Stultz – Totally Promotional

Brad Stultz

Brad Stultz oversees a wide range of personnel issues for approximately 200 employees of Totally Promotional, an online promotional products company of custom-printed promotional products. We work with both large and small businesses to create professionally branded products for advertising, resale or gifts.

LinkedIn is an invaluable asset for job seekers as it allows them the opportunity to market themselves to potential employers.

The first step in a useful LinkedIn profile is a headline that speaks to recruiters who utilize a keyword search to find potential employees. Be mindful of the type of position you are interested in, and cater your headline to include keywords that relate. An individual should eliminate the fluff that is common to resumes and instead focus on highlighting their unique skills and career achievements. If you have a career field in mind, tailor your profile to highlight the skills and achievements that are pertinent to that field or position. If there are companies that you have an interest in, be sure to follow them on LinkedIn.

Also, be sure to build up your network on the site.

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Not only will they be able to provide a glowing reference on your profile, but they may also be able to clue in the hiring managers from their organization to your skillset and desire, to take your career to the next level.

Once you have an interview with a prospective employer, utilize LinkedIn to do your homework on the company and the person who will be conducting your interview. The more information you have, the better equipped you are to offer keen insights during the interview.

The final key to successfully utilizing LinkedIn to secure a new position is to be an active participant with the site. Continually update your profile with new skills and achievements, and contribute to discussions as much as possible. Staying relevant and involved could be the tipping point for a hiring manager deciding to bring you in for an interview.

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I am a career expert that works at the University of Central Florida (2nd Largest University in the United States) and was a Senior Director of one of the largest recruiting companies on Wall Street. I’m a mock interview/sourcing/hiring expert. I agree with everything above. I think the most important aspect with LinkedIn besides not being an exact replica of your resume because your LinkedIn information should be all of your major accomplishments from your jobs, is the language. As a hiring manager, information that isn’t presented in the fashion that shows me that you cannot write makes me wonder if you can actually communicate effectively. This is essential in LinkedIn profiles.

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