Nov 21, 2017

3 Expert Personal Branding Tips for Employees

Experts all agree that personal branding is a must. And it’s not just for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Personal branding is important for your growth as an employee, but it also helps build the reputation and reach of the company you work for.

It can be confusing to start building your personal brand, but we’re here to help. We’ve gathered expert tips, advice, examples, and resources for personal branding. As always, if you have more resources to share with us on this topic, let us know in the comments.

Expert Tips for Personal Branding

Social media is a valuable tool – but be careful

Social media networks are a great way to reach new audiences and establish your expertise in your field (and grow your personal brand). But we all need to be careful about what we post. Karen Gately shared some tips with the Smarp blog about employee personal branding on social media. Here’s what she had to say:

Karen Gately - Personal Branding TipsReflect for a moment on what your social media posts say about you.What values and beliefs are reflected, and to what extent are people likely to regard you as being fair and reasonable?

Reflect also on the value you are creating through the information you share. Build a reputation of being a person with intelligence and thoughtfulness by sharing information that others are likely to benefit from.

Never lose sight of the permanency of online posts – once you’ve said it, it’s impossible to take it back. Choose to have an unfounded rant and you’re likely to be judged harshly by the (at times) unforgiving world of social media.

Think about it like Jennifer Coulombe, in her article (geared at employers) for Everwise. She says

'Personal branding is unavoidable; employees are already doing it whether you as an employer decide to actively find ways to support their efforts or not.'Click To Tweet

You already have a personal brand out there. It includes your interactions with people in real life and on the internet, your resume, your social media profiles, etc. Why not take a little bit of extra time to make sure the brand that exists is the brand you want to exist.

You must establish your goals

What do you want your personal brand to do for you? Grow your career? Establish yourself as the expert in your field? Get new clients? You can’t just dive into growing your personal brand without setting some goals. And you definitely can’t do it without understanding what you want to get out of it.

Here’s how to set goals for your personal brand. We’re using tips from this article. You should read the entire thing; it includes a lot of helpful information and elaborates on each point.

  1. Create a big picture of what you want to accomplish in your life.
  2. Prioritize the goals by time frame.
  3. Rewrite your short-term goals in SMART goal format and also be sure the goal is written as a positive statement.
  4. Type your goals, put them in several places where you can see them, review them daily, and revise them as needed.
  5. Identify the obstacles that you have to overcome to achieve your goals.
  6. Identify the knowledge, skills, and competencies you need to achieve your goals.
  7. Identify the support team you need in place to achieve your goals.
  8. Celebrate successes.
  9. Organize your 12-month goals into smaller, more manageable steps, from the beginning to the completion of the goal.
  10. Take action every day.
Ask yourself what you want your personal brand to do for you. Then set goals to accomplish it. Click To Tweet
Create content on a regular basis

To build your brand you have to be actively sharing content and engaging with others. Your level of commitment and the type of content you share will depend entirely on you, your goals, and your expertise.

If one of your goals is to become known as an expert in your field then you’ll want to create content on a regular basis. That seems like a scary thing, but with a little planning and practice, you’ll be able to figure it all out. Here are some tips:

“When starting out, it makes sense to focus on a narrow set of topics and develop yourself as the thought leader in that space. For example, Joe Pulizzi has had success doing so about content marketing, and Mike Stelzner has done this with social media.

When you have your topics nailed down, you are ready to start writing. An easy type of content to start with is blogging, but don’t rule out video, podcasts, eBooks, or articles — anything that will give you a forum for your insight and help you establish yourself as an expert that people can turn to for advice and information about your chosen topics.”

(4 Steps for Using Content to Build Your Personal Brand )

If you’re unsure of what kind of content to create, here are some ideas for you:

  • Write blog posts on your own website
  • Publish on LinkedIn
  • Create videos
  • Write guides or how-to’s
  • Create infographics
  • Share articles from others
  • Share your process
  • Share advice or tips

Personal branding isn’t just for entrepreneurs and celebrities. And it’s definitely not a new concept. People have had a “personal brand” for forever, but that was often limited to a resume or a reputation – something people got form you in person.

Now, however, personal branding is front-and-center on the internet through our social media channels. What we’re putting out into the world (including our comments, what we share, what we “like” and support) defines who we are to the world. This establishes our personal brand. Is what you’re putting out the brand you want? Or is there room for improvement?

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